CEEMID is an Entertainment & Media Industry database covering Central Europe in particular and whole Europe for comparative purposes.  CEEMID  started as a collaboration of authors’ societies and Candole Partners in the region for measuring and reporting economic value added, contribution to national income and employment in the music industry with a creative industries perspective. Following a general creative industry perspective, we are now covering data about the music industry (live performances and sound recordings), the film industry (motion film production, trade, theatrical release), television and radio broadcasting, book and newpaper publishing and theatrical performances.

The CEEMID databases are available for subscribers in various packages.

Audience and market demand

Our audience and demand data are based on representative surveys conducted in Central Europe. The audience surveys follow the ESSnet-Culture recommended guidelines. They include the high-priority variables surveyed by the EU-wide Cultural Access and Participation Surveys and lower-priority variables following the guidelines.

The CEEMID Audience Databases combine the Eurobarometer Culture and Access Survey data (2007,2013) for comparison and calibration.

  • CEEMID Slovakia CAP (2015): Conducted within a survey by United Consultants and Focus, a Slovak pollster, a large question bloc is a Cultural Access and Participation Survey with a special emphasis on private copying (n= 1000, representative for 15+). Client: SOZA.
  • CEEMID Hungary CAP (2015): Conducted by CEEMID and TNS-Hoffmann in Hungary, this is a detailed cultural access and participation survey especially designed to measure private copying and the audience for domestic films. The extra feature of this survey that it is an optimum stratified survey for cultural participation including the age group 10-14. Client: Artisjus, Hungarian National Film Fund.
  • CEEMID Croatia CAP (2015): This is survey in preparation to be conducted for a comparative research in Croatia. Clients: HDS – ZAMP, HGU, ZAPRAF.

Capacity and market supply

Our capacity and supply sided data are based on representative surveys conducted among the producing populations in the respective markets. The typical enterprise size of the Euorpean Cultural and Creative Industry participants is below 5 people, and most enterprises are single proprietorships or other microenterprises. Such enterprises are not included in most mandatory and regular government data collections.

  • CEEMID Hungary Musician Dataset (2014): is a representative sample of Hungarian popular musicians (n=632) for recorded and live performances in popular music and jazz. Classical musicians were not surveyed.  The dataset was mainly used for estimates made for first Hungarian music industry report, the ProArt Music Industry Report that was widely discussed on the 2nd Music Hungary Conference on 28-29 May, 2015 in Eger.
  • CEEMID Hungary Music Development Dataset (2015): is a representative sample of Hungarian musicians which also includes for cross-checking data from other music professionals, mainly technicians and managers (n=1088). The survey was based on a workshop initiated by the popular music program of the National Culture Fund of Hungary and created in partnership with 13 organizations. The results are under publication.
  • CEEMID Slovakia Musician Dataset (2015) is a representative sample of Slovak popular musicians (n=702) for recorded and live performances. The survey was prepared for the first Slovak Music Industry Report, which is going to be published in early 2016.
  • CEEMID Croatia Musician Dataset (2015) is a dataset for which data collection has not stopped yet. It has more than 500 questionnaires from mainly musicians but also technicians and managers. The preliminary results were presented in a comparative manner on the International Authors’ and Creators’ Conference (Međunarodna autorska kreativna konferencija – #MAKK2015) in Zagreb on 24 November 2015.
  • CEEMID Hungary Film Industry Dataset (2016): is going to be surveyed during January 2016 and will be used to estimate key indicators for a Film Industry Report commissioned by the Hungarian National Film Fund.
  • CEEMID Croatia Film Industry Dataset (2016): this survey is planned for the first quarter of 2016.


Daniel Antal, CFA, founder of CEEMID on LinkedIn (business projects) and academia.edu (methodology).

Our consultancy Candole Partners provides data, analytics and advisory services on policies, market and transactions in Central and Southeastern Europe.

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Country and industry specific data about the music, audiovisual and film industries in Central Europe.

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